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FremontThe world's finest full-range reference monitor--in our patented Direct Coupling configuration--resulting in the most emotionally engaging musical experience. Go ahead, tap your foot...or just dance!

A two-way reference mini-monitor with exceptional sonic clarity, fast tight bass, and an even dynamic performance at all volumes. The Pinyon does more than 6.5" floor standing systems even dream of.

Our entry level loudspeaker is this high-performance mini-monitor that draws you into the music with breathtaking dynamics and openness while still giving you every advatage of our patented technology.

The World's Fastest Subwoofer delivers a low frequency performance worthy of the highest praise...So, Come Listen, Feel, and Discover what you've been missing in your music and movies!

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Find out how we've made the world's finest full-range reference monitor even better! click here to explore the exciting changes available for owner's of the original Fremont loudspeaker.